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Calcium chloride station C 4000

C 4000 is dedicated for producing solution of calcium chloride (CaCl2). The solver can produce solution with concentration up to 32%. from dry calcium chloride

The solver consists of a mixing tank made of HDPE polyethylene, a hopper, a steel platform and a control cabinet with pump.

Key features and technical data

  • dry calcium chloride (CaCl2) can be used;
  • equipped with a special spike in the hopper designed for opening the bags;
  • easy to use;
  • produces up to 4.000 dm3 solution per hour;
  • dimensions 2.800 x 2.800 x 2.050 mm;
  • supply voltage 400 V.


  • storage tanks:
    • we offer HD-PE cylindrical storage tanks in standard capacity from 6 to 15 m3 ;
    • tanks can be combined in batteries for greater total capacity;
  • distributors for refueling solution - provide the possibility for independent refueling of the solver spreaders directly from storage tanks;
  • pipe for filling the spreaders.

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