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Brine station S 6000

S 6000 is a salt solution station of a highest efficiency. It is build of glass fiber reinforced plastics on a waterproof plywood structure. The space between the walls is insulated with hydrophobic mineral wool. The bottom part is double walled. The hopper that allows to fill the tank with salt using a wheel loader or big-bag bags is a standard equipment in this solver. The control cabinet is mounted on the rack next to the solver.

Brine station S 6000 produces continuously salt solution, pumping brine to storage tank. The brine station has connection to external devices (such as storage tanks, spreader) and additional overflow protection (spreader must have overflow protection function). Sensor stops the pump after reaching the maximum level of brine in the tank. High effective water system in the solver is frost protected by heating cable with thermostat.

Key features and technical data

  • possible to use with all types of salts;
  • hopper is a standard equipment;
  • easy to use;
  • production of up to 6.000 dm3 salt solution per hour;
  • dimensions 3.770 x 2.090 x 2.110 mm (with hopper);
  • supply voltage 400 V;
  • easy to clean;
  • can be equipped with additional options.


  • storage tanks:
    • we offer HD-PE cylindrical storage tanks in standard capacity from 6 to 15 m3;
    • tanks can be combined in batteries for greater total capacity;
  • distributors for refueling solution - provide the possibility for independent refueling of the solver spreaders directly from storage tanks;
  • remote control (wired) for easy refueling tanks;
  • float switch in storage tank;
  • areometer (hydrometer);
  • protecting covers (tarpaulin) for protection from water and leaves in summer time;
  • pipe for filling the spreader’s tanks.

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