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Our engineering office specializes in all kinds of building constructions. Depending on each investment’s needs we cooperate with a wide range of specialists from other fields. In this way we are able to create a dynamic, interdisciplinary team, suited to customers’ requirements. We make engineering structures at all stages of design: from conceptual, through building permit and execution design to the workshop design.

Within our business we provide services for the coordination, management and supervision of builds. Our supervisors have full Polish building licenses in every specialization.
We offer site management, construction supervision, planning and cost control.

Building Law Act in Poland obliges owners and property managers to carry out periodic inspections of the buildings’ technical condition. Only the owners of single-family houses are exempt from this duty.
We offer periodic inspections of objects during their maintenance according to the Polish Building Law (Article 62) in building, sanitary installations and electrical specialization. Depending on the client's needs and the type of facility we perform five-year, annual or semi-annual inspections.

We provide technical expertise and opinions of entire buildings as well as of their selected elements.
The scope of expert works can include describing technical condition of building (or selected elements) for investigation of damage causes and determination of repairing methods.
We also perform an analysis and evaluation of project design and documentation.

We offer property valuation, mostly in range of industrial facilities. We mainly specialize in property valuation of industrial and commercial buildings.
Radosław Zaborek has necessary professional license in property valuation no. 5120. Moreover, the knowledge and experience in building field are our unquestionable advantage.

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