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We produce complete brine stations (NaCl salt solution).
They are used in winter road maintenance for de-icing to sprinkle roads and as a wetting solution for salt sprinkling. Using brine is highly effective at the temperature up to -10°C.
In our offer we have a device C 4000 used for producing solution of calcium chloride CaCl2.

Our HDPE tanks can be used as storage tanks (e.g. for brine) and as the tanks used in technological processes. Big advantage of that type of tanks is high chemical resistance of PE-HWU polyethylene. The tanks can be used indoors and outdoors, exposed to weathering. The range of thermal resistance for the material is from −50 to +80°C.

We produce elements made of glass fiber laminates of any shapes and colours according to RAL pallet. Typical usage of that type of elements is covers, boxes, tanks etc. In comparison with metal, laminates are characterized by light weight and easy possibility to create difficult shapes. Through experience and using good raw materials our products are of a high quality. We provide models and moulds for the production of mentioned elements. Our laminates are manufactured in moulds and on a wooden structure.

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