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We offer periodic inspections of objects during their maintenance according to the Polish Building Law (Article 62) in building, sanitary installations and electrical specialization. Depending on the client's needs and the type of facility we perform five-year, annual or semi-annual inspections.

The result of the inspections is a control protocol of technical condition of the building or other structure. In the protocol post-inspection recommendations are grouped into categories of their urgency. There are also pointed the needs of maintenance or repairing for the safe use of the building.

Building Law Act in Poland obliges owners and property managers to carry out periodic inspections of the buildings’ technical condition. Only the owners of single-family houses are exempt from this duty.

Periodic inspections of the technical condition of buildings should be performed:

  • semi-annual inspection of buildings – twice a year, no later than May 31 and November 30, for buildings with building area greater than 2.000 m2 ;
  • annual building inspection;
  • five-year periodic inspection of buildings;
  • after every case of an external factor affecting the structure which results in damages, or if there is a risk of the damage occurring because of such factors as lightnings, strong winds, heavy rains, landslides, fires or floods.

Annual/semi-annual inspection performs checking:

  • elements of the building, structures and installations exposed to the harmful and destructive influence of atmospheric factors occurring during use of the facility;
  • installation and equipment for environmental protection;
  • gas installations and chimney (smoke, exhaust and ventilation).

Five-year inspection performs additional checking:

  • condition and usability of a building;
  • aesthetics of a building and its surroundings;
  • condition of electrical and lightning-protection installation, wiring, protection.

Buildings inspections

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