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We offer property valuation, mostly in range of industrial facilities. We mainly specialize in property valuation of industrial and commercial buildings.

Radosław Zaborek has necessary professional license in property valuation no. 5120. Moreover, the knowledge and experience in building field are our unquestionable advantage.

We provide valuations of:

  • real estate built;
  • unbuilt property;
  • office, utility and commercial space;
  • warehouses;
  • industrial properties;
  • investment properties;
  • buildings and other construction works during execution;
  • valuation of machinery and equipment permanently connected with land;
  • others.

The typical purposes of valuations performed by our company include:

  • the sale / purchase of a business / property;
  • connection/dividing of companies/property;
  • liquidation of the company;
  • the loan collateral;
  • determination value for tax or insurance purpose;
  • valuation for financial statements;
  • valuation for the purposes of insurance / compensation;
  • individual needs of the customer.

Property valuation

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